About us & Our philosophy

We have been in the industry of mobile and desktop application development, website development and unusual software development for more than 7 years. Our philosophy is to strive for the best through solving more and more challenging problems. The diversity of our projects and services is a feature that we are truly proud of. It highlights us and makes us unique. For every project we come up with an optimal implementation plan, including complex development.


We offer solutions to your needs.

Mobile Apps

We develop mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Desktop Apps

We develop desktop applications for any platforms.


All possible websites are properly displayed on any device regardless the amount of pages.

3D Models

High level 3D models creation with any degree of detailing. Any characters and objects, including individual orders.


Astonishingly real animation producing with usage of motion capture sensors for the greatest realism.


We also have a game development experience and currently work on the realistic sci-fi shooter.


Why choose us?

Innovative Solutions

We take complex and unusual projects, and implement things that no-one has ever done before.

Premium Quality

We coordinate and record all the details, and implement the project in time within the budget.

Quick Support

We are always available for prompt response and quick adjustments to the project.


Our latest and best works

Game Development

Our experience in the game industry


We have a vast experience in developing following functions, which we could confidently reiterate

Geolocation & position-finding

In many of our projects we worked with cameras, GPS and geolocation, detected the location of a phone, transmitted it to other users, calculated the distance on map.

Caching & Offline work

Many of our mobile and desktop applications can function without internet connection and synchronize their data with the server upon the connection.

Connection of external devices

According to the requirements – and often due to necessity – we’ve integrated external sensors, locks, card- and lock-readers, cameras and other electronic devices in our software.

Video streaming

We have a vast experience in real-time video streaming with less than a second delay even with a slow internet connection.

Google Maps

We have the experience of working with Google Maps in mobile applications and web-pages.


If necessary, all aforementioned technologies are being used in our work.

Contact Information

Have any questions? Need to implement a project? Contact us by any convenient method, we’ll gladly help!

  • Canada: #605 - 1165 Burrard Str., Vancouver
  • Belarus: #3226 - 6/4 Skryganova str., Minsk
  • Call Us: +1 (236) 330-9445
  • Email Us: info@xmark.dev
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